In the Spring of 2002, three computer programmers set out to photograph Del Nolan. Digital cameras at the ready they ventured into the areas that he has been reported to be seen. After a lengthy discussion on the morality of catching Del on film and a couple episodes where we lost the map, we're beginning to think that this project will be more difficult than we thought.
On this site we hope to provide proof that the computer programmer known only as Del Nolan does exist...

This elusive programmer has been reported on almost every PC in the world and seen in nearly every chatroom on the internet. Why this fascination with such a creature? Could it be that we are all curious to the nature of it's lineage? Would we want to know that such a creature is our relative? If that question were asked of me, I would say, yes.
-The Del Nolan Project Team

There is a Nolan that lurks out there in the city, that haunts the isolated chatrooms of the world, that hides in the icy confines of the most refrigerated server rooms. He appears unexpectedly and inexplicably, then vanishes just as mysteriously, usually leaving witnesses dumbfounded, frightened and, unfortunately in most cases, without a shred of evidence. Yet the eyewitness stories of this creature persist, haunting the darkness as well as our imaginations.
- Unknown

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The "Del Nolan / Pepsi-Cola" connection is brought to you by Pepsi. 'Cause we don't need the hassles. He just really likes Pepsi. Really. You'd think they'd be flattered. Thank you.